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Happy Labor Day weekend! Well, almost. Close enough, right?

I’m sorry to see summer go. And going it is: I’ve started to notice the slightest of chills in the early morning hours on my way to the gym. Fall is surely on its way. But, thankfully, the days are still warm, and we still have Labor Day weekend to celebrate! This is the last hurrah of summer in America, and we always go out with a big bang.

My partner Theo Bleckmann and I are planning to visit some good friends in Bridgehampton, New York. We’ve got more than a few parties planned, and I see much fun on our horizon. I can’t wait!

Dear Readers, how will you celebrate the holiday weekend? Do you have any annual Labor Day weekend traditions? Are you doing any weddings? I know this is a big weekend for weddings, but I hope you don’t have to work too hard! Please tell me your plans. I’d love to know what you’re up to.

And whatever you do, please remember to be safe. Have a wonderful long and restful weekend!

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