Education and Mentorship: Is There Enough Of This In Our Industry?

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Dear Readers:
I am busy preparing for my PB & Friends Moving Your Business From A To Luxury event this weekend, and I am looking forward to seeing all of you who plan to join my staff and I here in our offices tomorrow. Planning this event has been a great pleasure for me, as education and mentorship have always been a strong interest of mine. Having been in this business for over three decades, I have experienced what it has felt like to be on both sides; a newbie in need of guidance, and a designer with many mistakes and lessons under his belt. I hope that this weekend serves our guests well, and that they all enjoy the process of learning, while walking away with a better understanding of the many areas we will be discussing in detail.
Speaking to Kathy Romero’s point yesterday, we work in a very competitive business with clients who desire and deserve the event of their dreams, and producing these events truly does take a village. More than that, it takes a village full of people who are open to learning, teaching, encouraging, and supporting one another. To hold knowledge close to your chest out of fear and egocentricity is to the detriment of all involved, including the client. I always say that there is room for all of us in this business, and it’s essential for me to hire people who can teach me something.
Today, I want to ask all of you how you feel about our industry as a whole. Do you feel that there is enough mentoring and exchange of information? How can you learn from and teach your peers? Have you ever considered meeting up with colleagues and “competitors” for informational interviews and brainstorming sessions? Do you think these are good ideas?  Share your thoughts below.
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