Designing With Flowers: Using Fall Colors in The Summer

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Dear Readers:

We all have childhood memories that are special and unique to only us. A very good friend of mine is getting married in July, but her favorite colors are those found in the fall (also her favorite season). In addition to loving the colors, she told me she has very fun memories of that time of the year. My first question to her was, “Why aren’t you getting married in the fall?” She responded with an excellent reason: her venue was not available. Her concern is that her guests may not feel that using a color scheme associated with one season, while being in another, might not be the “right” thing to do. I quickly reminded her that this was her wedding, and she is allowed to have any colors she would like to have.

Unfortunately, her new family does not agree.

Her next question asked if fall-colored flowers are even available in the summer. I rapidly assured her that I was positive we could find the right colored flowers to give her the wedding she wanted.

I’d love to hear your opinion. Would you use fall colors in the summer? Or should my friend reconsider her color scheme?



(Photo Courtesy of John Labbe)

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