Designing With Flowers: The Stage As A Floral Statement


Dear Readers:

As I plan the floral arrangements for a wedding, I always think the dining tables are a great place to make a dramatic floral statement. But why stop there?  Depending on my budget, I look at other areas to make another floral statement such as the stage.  Think of it this way: If you have a band, most guests will spend much of the evening staring at the stage.

Why not give them something exceptional to look at?

Very recently, I had a client who loved various shades of blue and white. She loved this rendering (above), but stated that she would only like to use two types of flowers to decorate the floral statement.

In today’s blog, I would love your opinion:

Which of the following two should I use?

Rambling roses
Dendrobium Orchids.
Let’s have a little fun designing together. Please share which two you would use and why.
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