Designing With Flowers: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly In Floral Design


Dear Readers,

Last week, I read a response to a blog posted by Caroline Marshall-Foster, one of my readers. In her comment, she mentioned that, if our clients knew the difference between good and bad floral designs, they would happily pay for the good. She even suggested there should be a campaign showing the difference.

Thank you, Caroline, for prompting me to write this blog. Now, we at Preston Bailey Designs, have certainly came a long way.  However, we must also embrace all of the horrible mistakes that have gotten us here.

For this reason, I will be showing you three arrangements today. One that I feel is good, one that is  bad, and another that I think was just awful. Let’s play a game. Tell us which one you feel is which and what you like and would change about each of them.






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