Designing With Flowers: Going Far With Floral Designs

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Dear Readers:
I have been accused of going a step “too far” with flowers on a number of occasions. But is there such a thing as using too many flowers? Some of you may be shocked to know that I do in fact agree with my critics.  At times, I can take floral design to levels many would not dare to reach, but what can I say, I love these beautiful gifts from nature. Ultimately however, my limit boils down to the comfort level of my clients.
I showed this featured floral and crystal tent ceiling design to a new client, and her reaction surprised me. “Preston, there is no need to do anything for the ceilings. Isn’t it enough that the ceilings are draped?” she asked. “Yes, of course it’s already beautiful, but it would be a shame to disregard the ceiling, as it could potentially be an exquisite statement and engaging focal point.” Unfortunately, I’m not quite sure I fully convinced her. Today, I am posing a question to all of my fellow designers: If I had simply just draped the ceiling, would it have been enough? Or do you prefer this chandelier that we designed?
Please tell me why you feel the way you do.
(Photo Courtesy of John Labbe)
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