Designing With Flowers: Cake As Art or Waste?

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Dear Readers:
Today, my Designing With Flowers blog is for all of you cake masters out there. I think the world of cake decorating has risen to an art form. In fact, when I got married a year and a half ago, I asked my good friend and cake goddess, Sylvia Weinstock, to design the cake shown above. I wanted our cake to look like a giant centerpiece floating above a table, and I thought she did an amazing job.
I had this cake display at the entrance of our ceremony on a 72-inch handmade crystal table, where in fact most guests thought they were fresh flowers instead of sugar flowers.
I recently had a potential client who brought up a very provocative point in a discussion about her wedding cake. She said, “Why waste all of that money creating sugar flowers, when in reality, no one eats them anyway?” My immediate response to her was, “With all do respect, you know our work is heavily floral, and so one could then ask, ‘Why spend all of that money on flowers, if in reality, they are just going to die the next day after the event anyway?'”
For me, the answer is a simple one: We do it to entertain our guests. We also do it in order to create something so beautiful that sometimes (not always), it may even be called art.
A provocative comment deserves provocative questions, so here there are:
Do you think creating gorgeous sugar flowers that are “hardly eaten by anyone” is a waste? And also, do you think my extravagant use of flowers in my designs is a waste as well? Please be honest with this second question, I can take it.
(Photo Courtesy of John Labbe)
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