Dear Preston: Where Do You Find Your Holiday Inspiration?

Swarovski tree in the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, France

Dear Preston:

I am a designer who always seems to get stuck during the holidays. My clients always want something a little different and I always wonder where you find inspiration to keep doing something different. Can you give me some ideas?

Stuck in Tradition

Dear Stuck:

One of the most beautiful things about the holidays is the way people from all different cultures celebrate the season. Though many people here in the United States associate the season with red, green, Santa Claus and reindeer, the reality is that there are endless ways to touch upon the different elements of the holiday in design.

From romantic sparkling lights and bold color combinations to playing on whimsy and natural elements like snow, the key is to focus on your concept first and then move from there. I personally think traveling is a fantastic way to get inspired and you know that I love to use Mother Nature’s creations in my work. But I understand that most of us cannot pick up and go anytime we want to, so today, I am going to showcase a few ways Christmas is celebrated across the world in the hopes you might find a little inspiration yourself. It’s not quite like flying around with Santa, but as close as I could get.










What has been your favorite city to visit during the holidays and why?




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