Dear Preston: My Freelancer is Stealing my Ideas

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Dear Preston:

My Freelancer is Stealing my Ideas 

I own an event company in Los Angeles, and we do relatively large weddings. I often need to hire a freelance florist for only a week. I have noticed, one of my freelancers’ is taking my Ideas, and introducing as her own, I am outraged. What should I do?


Dear Angry:

I understand your frustration, but may I suggest that you do absolutely nothing.This is part of been a designer and sometimes trend setter.

Let me give you an example; Imagine if I were to get angry every time someone uses any of the images from my books and makes it their own.

I think, the moment you create a design, it becomes public domain. If I were you, I’d be flatter that your work is so amazing, that others have the  needs to copy,  Obviously, you have something that she does not. Always keep in mind, that she’ll never be able to get hold of the brilliant design in your head.

If you feel you can’t trust her, just don’t use her again.


Dear Readers:

What do you think?

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