Dear Preston: I just got the weirdest request from a client

Dear Preston:

I just got the weirdest request from a  client,  She wants to design an over the top wedding without using any fresh or silk flowers.  Do you have any other suggestion? HELP!!!

Dear Help:
OMG, why?  My first question to you is:  Is she allergic to flowers? or maybe she just hates flowers. I am sure she has very good reason.
You know how I love my flowers, but a wedding designs incorporate many other elements, besides from flowers, like draping, lighting, projections, furnitures etc
I think this is a great challenge for you.  As artist, we must always lean and grow, Always keeping our clients vision in mind.
I think a great way around this is to contact your friendly cake maker and create all the centerpieces with sugar flowers. (see image above)
Another option is to make all arrangements out of fruits.

Dear readers:
Have you event done a wedding without flowers?
What would you suggest to our reader?
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