Dear Preston: I Didn’t Have A Sitter So I Brought My Child With Me To The Wedding I Planned

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Dear Mother and Planner:

Speaking candidly, I think the bride is one-hundred percent correct in being upset. Do not get me wrong as I love children, but I don’t believe there is anyway you can have a three year-old with you and not give your child your full attention. Now, I am not a parent, but I imagine that, as a planner, you might have two or three options for a babysitter if you really looked into it. If I am wrong about this, I suggest that you consider getting a few options now so that this never happens again.

I think the proper thing to do would have been to call the bride beforehand and explain your predicament so as not to surprise her. I know the bride sounds a bit selfish, but do look at it from her viewpoint: she invested a lot of time, energy and money into her big day and it could have very well been ruined by your child. We are all glad it was not, but it surely caused her added stress and frustration as she worried about it through the night. I am sorry if I sound insensitive, but sometimes business is just business. I suggest that you reach out and attempt to make things right with your bride.



My Dear readers: What are your thoughts on this? Am I being insensitive or overlooking something? What would you have done as this planner?

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