make misteaks

So far this week I’ve talked a lot about how planners, designers and vendors should work together. Today I’d like to turn the tables and give you the opportunity to voice your own thoughts on these delicate working relationships.

Keep in mind that I believe strongly in being honest about our mistakes. This is the only way we learn and get better. By acknowledging and taking ownership of our mistakes, we all benefit and improve our working relationships with each other and our clients. And happy clients, of course, mean more profitable jobs, which is our ultimate goal.

As a designer or other vendor, you naturally want your requested fee. And we all agree NO MORE BARGAINS, right? But the planners are the ones who discuss money matters with clients. How can planners communicate to clients that you as the vendor won’t agree to a discount while also making sure you still get the job? In other words, what can planners do in these conversations to help ensure that clients agree to your fee?

Additionally, what ideas do you have for both vendors and planners to prevent the payment and acceptance of commissions?

Please share your opinions with all of us in the comments. 

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