Behind-The-Scenes: When A Client Refuses To Pay For a Rain Plan

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Dear Readers:
What do you do when a client refuses to pay for a rain plan, and is faced with the unfortunate circumstance of having it pour on their wedding day? During the summer, it’s mostly sunny and warm. Because of this, many clients love the idea of having an outdoor wedding, especially one that is close to the water. In most cases, this is a very magical event where the couple and guests are able to enjoy the gifts of Mother Nature. This is wonderful when the weather cooperates, but we know what happens when it doesn’t.
I recently did a wedding for a very smart client who was very clear. “Even if there is a five percent chance of rain, I want to pay and implement a rain plan.” As a designer, I loved her for having this kind of forethought and responsibility. Guess what folks? It did rain. In fact, it poured. Unfortunately, it cost her a lot of money to put up the three additional tents with flooring, lightning, and the other related costs, but she took comfort in the fact that her event went off beautifully, despite the torrential rain.
I am presently working with a potential client and I have included the extensive additional cost to implement a rain plan in my estimate. Yes, my proposal is much higher as a result of this cost, and our potential client is considering not using us because of it.
This has placed me in a very difficult situation. Either I take the risk and eliminate the cost of a rain plan on my proposal (and if it rains and the event is ruined, it is my a** on the line), or I tell this client that I am not willing to take that risk and lose them.
This happens to be a very big job. What would you do? Would you accept or turn down this job?
I look forward to your thoughts.
(Photo Courtesy of John Labbe)
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