Behind-The-Scenes: The Great Challenge We Face As Event Professionals


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Dear Readers:

I am in the midst of my travels to see a client and have found myself in an airport looking at all of the business men and women, world travelers and tourists.  I have been here many times, but today, I taken aback by how many paths were crossing in this one instance.

Each person here has a story, a life timeline, dreams and experiences that are totally unique to them. Each person has people in their lives that mean a great deal to them, and yet, amongst one another, they are simply strangers passing (and sometimes running past and bumping into) one another.

This made me think about the clients who come to us for help in creating the memories that will last throughout their lives, the moments and memories they will share with those strangers we never really get to know, the people they love the most.

In this busy and sometimes challenging business, it can be easy to move from event to event with the mindset that each client is simply a job to execute, but when we take some time to think of their back stories and the lives they leave when not with us, we will often find that human element that makes all of the difference.  We begin to create for someone we can understand beyond color stories and favored flowers.

That’s when the real fun begins.

Let me ask all of you a question: Going beyond the big statements and the baskets in the bathrooms, what are some unique ways you honor the individual “human” element in your events?



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