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Dear Readers:

I am extremely fortunate to be invited into some of the most extraordinary homes by some of my clients. One of the things I have learned throughout the years is to be incredibly respectful of my clients’ spaces. I always do my utmost to show respect, and expect the same of anyone who accompanies me or visits these homes on my behalf. Speaking of this topic, I am reminded of a very funny story that took place years ago when my company used to do weekly flowers for the homes of clients.

I had an assistant who we will call “Peter” (I will, of course, change name to protect his privacy). Peter was an amazing florist who used to do in-house flowers on a weekly basis, most often when my clients were out. One day, while placing flowers in a master bedroom, he happened upon a gorgeous and glamorous coat laying on the bed. In a moment of absolute madness, he decided to try on the coat for the fun of it! As he was twirling and having himself a gay old time, my client walked in.

“Peter, is it the right size?” she asked.

As you can imagine, his heart stopped. Though she was a good sport about the whole thing, he was beside himself with embarassment. Needless to say, it was his last day working for me. Looking back, I wonder if I did the right thing in firing him, as a good florist is hard to find. What do you think? Do you feel I did the right thing, or are there some cases when a slap on the hand and a second chance is a better approach? Peter then went on to become a very successful florist/designer.

Share your thoughts on the topic below. I would love to hear them.



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