Behind-The-Scenes: Designing and Planning A Wedding With A “Competitor” (Another Vendor Who Does The Same Thing)

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Dear Readers:

A couple of years back I met a client that absolutely loved my designs. She met another designer (he shall remain nameless) and also loved his designs. My potential client was very excited at the possibility of having us both work on her wedding. Imagine my shock when a week later, my potential client called and told me that she had decided not to work with us because the other designer told her we were “way too expensive.” Ironically, this other designer’s prices are very similar to ours. Granted, neither of us are what one would call cheap; however, they badmouthed us out of the job, something I cannot imagine doing to anyone.

That said, I have also experienced the opposite situation. For example, I once had the pleasure of working with the amazing Belgium designer, Mr. Daniel Ost. To tell you the truth, it was one of the most creative and exciting jobs I have ever done. I learned a great deal from Mr. Ost and I’d like to think that I taught him a thing or two (or maybe not).

The event design business has changed. Because of the web, we live in what really is the information age and our clients are very informed about the work we do. I find it so sad that some other vendors feel the need to badmouth others in order to get jobs. I adhere to the opposing theology: we should embrace the opportunity to work together. The worst thing that could happen is that we may learn something.

In today’s blog, I would like to ask all of you:

Would you object in working with another vendor in your own field?

Have you ever been badmouthed by another vendor out of a job? Please tell us the story.



(Photo Courtesy of John Labbe)


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